How It Works

The Centennial Beer Chase is a one-day six-person running relay of approximately 50 miles, consisting of 12 legs of varying distance (3-7 miles per leg).  The course starts from Spokane and runs the Centennial Trail as the backbone of the course, jogging off (see what we did there??) for exchange points at local craft breweries, finishing in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho. On a 6-person team, each person runs 2 legs; On a 3-person team, each person runs 4 legs… you get the idea.

Each time you exchange at a brewery, you will have the option to enjoy a 3-4oz sample of beer. This is not required, but we expect many people to enjoy this opportunity. Every team must have a designated driver that is not drinking until the van is parked for the last leg of the race.

Never run a relay before?!

We can almost guarantee this won’t be your last! You will need one race vehicle – we recommend a 12-passenger van, mini van or suburban. If you are a solo runner or pair, a driver will be needed. With teams of 3-6, a driver is optional. Your entire team starts together in Spokane. The first runner takes off to run their leg, and the van jumps ahead to the first exchange point to drop off the 2nd runner and pick up the first runner. This continues for 12 legs. The “inactive runners” – the runners in the van – play a support role: stopping (safely) along the course to cheer on runners, providing your runner with water, making sure they navigate confusing turns, etc. At the finish line, you will get to enjoy our very own brewfest featuring beers from all of our partners along the course!

Teams are self-supporting, which means they carry their own water and food during the race. We do not have aid stations and water stops every mile, as you can imagine how difficult it would be to coordinate that feat across 50 miles! We do provide aid in critical areas that teams may not be able to reach their runner or walker; these are noted in the race guide.

Perhaps the most unique aspect of a relay like the Centennial Beer Chase is the team aspect of running an event like this provides. Running is often a solitary sport, but in a relay, it’s all about your team. After the relay portion of the race then teams have the opportunity to run together through some of the Inland Northwest’s best breweries. Our teams get into the spirit by creating elaborate team names and themes, wearing matching outfits, participating in contests, having spontaneous dance parties, cheering on fellow runners, and decorating their vans. The Centennial Beer Chase is a race, a celebration, and a vacation all wrapped up in one day of running. We invite you to discover what this race is all about, and why teams run a Cascade Relay event year after year!