2017 Registration

Please review our team divisions before registering, as our categories are different than some other races.

Team Type Early Bird
Jan 15th-April 14th
Regular Registration
April 15th-Aug 14th
Late Registration
Aug 15th-Oct 2nd
Run Team 1-2 person $200 $225 $250
Run Team 3-4 person $375 $400 $425
Run Team 5-6 person $525 $575 $625

How to register:

  1. Click the “Register Now” button on the right
  2. Choose Centennial Beer Chase from the race list
  3. Fill out the Team Captain information
  4. Choose your team size (see divisions and pricing on the Registration Page)
  5. Fill out your team name information
  6. Choose your volunteer option:
    1. Provide a volunteer – provide 1 volunteer who is available any time October 7th to work a 3-4 hour shift on the CBC course
    2. Hire-a-Volunteer (HAV) – donation $100 so that we can partner with local charities and community groups who will volunteer on the course and 100% of those funds are donated to these worthy organizations.
    3. Choose your payment method:
      1. Pay by check – send us a check with the printed confirmation within a week
      2. PayPal – pay in full with credit card or PayPal account
  7. Organize up to six teammates to join in the fun with you!

How to Register your teammates 

Individual runners and walkers can register their information under their team using this link: http://clr.relayguide.com/registration/member/

Team captains may login here: http://clr.relayguide.com/registration/login/normal/